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Journal of Sino-African Studies (JSAS) (ISSN-E: 2791-3546) is an international, independent journal of humanities and social sciences created in 2022 by the Association for the Promotion of Sino-African Studies (APSAS). The Journal publishes double-blind peer-reviewed articles. Three issues are published annually, and are available online and freely accessible on its website. The publications are in French, English and Chinese. The journal provides a platform for scholars to publish original and quality texts related to China-Africa relations in general, and in particular the promotion of educational and socio-cultural exchanges between China and African countries. The journal is dedicated to building an inclusive platform for academic exchange in the field of Chinese-African studies.

Manuscripts are expected to address the following non-exhaustive areas:

China-Africa cooperation in education and comparative education

FOCAC issues for Africa’s development

Socio-cultural exchanges between Africa and China

Africa and the Belt and Road Initiative

African students in China

Confucius Institutes in Africa

African Studies Centres in China

African Literature Studies in China

Chinese Literature Studies in Africa

Translation/interpreting/intercultural mediation

African languages teaching & learning in China

Chinese language teaching & learning in Africa

To contribute to a mutual and objective understanding between Africa and China, the journal accepts manuscripts that meet the following requirements:

  • Analysing practices

Analysing practices by promoting empirical research based on a solid methodology, and allowing to be as close as possible to the experience of the authors.

  • (Re) thinking the Sino-African Studies

Thinking about the place of the subject chosen by the authors in a specific social environment. It is strongly hoped that the subject will be linked to observed and experienced social facts whose narration, description and critical analysis will enable readers to form a true, fair and objective idea of the facts.

  • Assessing representations

This involves questioning imagined, ideological and even theoretical representations. applying doubt, uncertainty and questioning the generally easily accepted evidences.

  • Scrutinising different approaches

Crossing and confronting different approaches, in short, of decompartmentalising knowledge. Through its presentation and style, this interdisciplinary scientific journal also addresses actors involved in Sino-African cooperation.

  • Appreciate the strengths of each partner

The aim is to enhance the various linguistic, literary, educational and socio-cultural aspects, and to highlight the strengths of each side in Sino-African relations for the promotion of a genuine friendship.



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